Sec. 1. There shall be an annual meeting of the membership of the association held at 2:00 o’clock, p.m., on the first Saturday in May of each year, at such place as is designated by the board of directors, for the purpose of electing directors, as herein provided, and for the transaction of any and all other business which may be brought before the meeting. (Amended 4/29/17)

Sec. 2. The president may, or, upon the written request of at least fifty (50) members of this association, or of a majority of the directors, the president shall, call a special meeting of the members to be held at the Circuit Court Room of the Court House of Raleigh County, or at some other proper and suitable place in Raleigh County, designated in the call. The request for the calling of a special meeting, as well as the notice of such meeting, shall state briefly the object of such meeting, and no business shall be transacted thereat, except as specified therein.

Sec. 3. At any meeting twenty percent (20%) of the members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but if a sufficient number do not attend at the time and place appointed, those who do attend may adjourn from time to time without notice other than by announcement at the meeting, until a sufficient number to constitute a quorum shall be present.

Sec. 4. Each member shall have one (1) vote, and such vote must be cast personally by the member, and not by proxy.

Sec. 5. It shall be the duty of each member to furnish the secretary with his correct address.

Sec. 6. Written notice of the annual meeting and of all special meetings, stating the time and place thereof, shall be mailed by the secretary to each member at his address as the same appears on the membership book of the association, or if no address be given thereon, at the last address of such member known to the secretary, at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting, and a notice deposited in the mail, with prepaid postage, properly addressed, shall be presumed to be legal notice and given when so mailed.

Sec. 7. At any regular or special meeting of the members, motions and resolutions may be passed and adopted, but such motions and resolutions shall be advisory to the board of directors and not binding upon the board.

Sec. 8. The members shall keep written minutes of all meetings, verified by the signatures of the president, or chairman and the secretary of such meeting, in a book designated for that purpose, the same to remain in the hands of the secretary or assistant secretary of the association, and be available for examination to all members of the association. The minutes of the preceding meeting of the members shall be read at the next succeeding meeting of the members, whether a special or regular meeting, and the same approved as read, or corrected and amended to conform to the correct proceedings had and taken at such meeting.