Sec. 1. The board of directors shall adopt an overall, long range plan for the development of the association’s property and the establishment of facilities thereon for the benefit of its members. No building, either of structures, roads, sewer lines, gas or power lines, or other permanent improvements, shall be done piecemeal, but all buildings and permanent improvements shall be constructed and developed as part and parcel of a long range plan, adopted and approved by the board of directors.

Sec. 2. A permanent road shall be constructed around the lake, roughly parallel to the water line, and upon such location as will adequately serve each lot adjacent to the lake. Said road shall be of uniform width, grade and character, so as to give no preference to any lot or group of lots, and shall be constructed upon such locations as to afford the best entrance and exit to each lot, and at the same time preserve the beauty of the landscape. Said road shall be of sufficient width to accommodate two lanes of traffic at all points, be located on the best possible grade, and be permanently graded and drained by the use of approved and modem road construction methods. After the construction is completed, the road shall be maintained at the expense of the association.

Sec. 3. The board of directors shall, as a part of the plan for the operation of the property and the facilities of the association, provide an adequate and effective method of excluding from the property, and from the use of the facilities, all trespassers and persons not entitled to be on the property or to use the association’s facilities, and to this end shall keep the lake and the association’s facilities strictly private and for the exclusive use of members and their authorized guests.

Sec. 4. These by‑laws may be amended when the proposed amendment is first approved by the board of directors after it has been read at two separate meetings and approved by a vote of the members at an annual or special meeting.