A. Admittance of Members

  1. Each member is entitled to receive two (2) gate cards per lot. These gate cards must be signed for and picked up at the Association Office. These cards are intended for the exclusive use of Member and Member’s Spouse.
  1. Additional gate cards may be purchased by a Member for use of Member’s children of legal driving age. A form must be completed and submitted to the Board by the Member to initiate the request. The cost of the additional gate card shall be established by the Board. These gate cards must be signed for and picked up by the Member at the Association office. 
  1. Members must promptly report to the Association office all lost or stolen gate cards. Thereupon, such cards will be deleted from the gate security system.
  1. Gate cards shall be distributed to new members of the Flat Top Lake Association following receipt by the Flat Top Lake Association office of a copy of the recorded deed (from the Courthouse) of the member’s property which includes all reservations and restrictions required by the Flat Top Lake Association.

B. Admittance of Guests

  1. The Member has the responsibility of admitting guests. Members should not ask the Lake Superintendent to admit their guests unless it is an unavoidable emergency situation.
  1. Guests shall normally enter by calling member’s lot number using phone in gate house located at front entrance. Local landline and/or cell phones may be used for entry to Flat Top Lake. It is the member’s responsibility to provide current telephone numbers to the Lake office. Guests may also be admitted by the gate attendant during those times gate attendant is on duty, provided the Member has properly registered the guest in advance with the Lake office. (Amended 4/4/11)

C. Admittance of Utility, Emergency and Health Care Services

  1. Utility and essential services personnel will be issued gate cards by the Board when deemed necessary.
  2. Typically, the following may have access:
    • The electric power company
    • The television cable company
    • The telephone company
    • The area fire and rescue departments
    • Newspaper route carriers
    • School bus drivers
    • Trash disposal companies
    • The natural gas company
    • Public Service Districts
    • Parcel/FedEx delivery service
    • Law enforcement agencies
  1. Additional cards are issued at the discretion of the Board, after an inventory of existing cards in circulation. Any gate cards unaccounted for in periodic inventory will be removed from the security system.

E. Admittance of Members’ Essential Services Personnel

  1. Grouped into this category are the Members’ domestic help, lawn care personnel, maintenance and repair persons, contractors and delivery trucks.
  1. A gate card may be loaned by the Member, at the Member’s risk, to those needed services normally required on a one‑time basis. Member is responsible for any and all violations committed by persons the association member admits to association property.
  1. Gate cards may be obtained for essential services personnel by a Member initiating a written request to the Board, along with a processing fee of $25. The amount of the fee shall be established by the Board. Each card issued will be assigned a definite expiration date by the Association, not to exceed one (1) year. (Amended 11/7/05).

F. Members’ Misuse of Gate Cards

Any gate card determined by the Association to be used for any purpose other than the Member’s stated purpose will immediately be reclaimed and such card will be deleted from the gate security system. The Member automatically forfeits the cost of the card, or the deposit made on the card.

G. Damage to Gate Security System

A penalty of $100 will be imposed upon the responsible member or party for accidental damages to the security gate.  For willful damages a penalty of $250, or more as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, will be imposed.  (Amended 9/19/16)