A. Trees, shrubs, or other natural foliage as well as soil or geological formation on the Association property shall not be removed, disturbed or marred without the consent of the Board of Directors. Accordingly, Association property on the side of the perimeter road opposite the lake shall not be used by Members for storage of vehicles, boats, trailers, construction materials and firewood; or for disposal of leaves, branches or other debris.

B. A Member, or his or her spouse, or a Member of his family, as defined by the Bylaws, may take a group of young people onto the Member’s own lot during daylight hours, provided they leave before dark, and the Member shall be responsible for their conduct and safety. No such group of young people shall be admitted after dark or remain after dark unless they be accompanied by such Member, or his or her spouse, and they shall be responsible for their conduct and safety. The Lake Superintendent shall evict any such guests who violate the rules and regulations of the Association.

C. No overnight camping is permitted on FTLA property within 500 feet of association roadways or the shoreline. (Amended 9/19/16)

D. Members of the Association will be responsible for the conduct of their guests.

E. Members owing dues and assessments in arrears more than sixty (60) days from the date shown on the statement of dues and assessments shall be assessed a late charge of $100. (Amended 5/3/04). Thereafter, interest at the legal rate shall accrue on the entire unpaid balance until paid. A member who fails to pay all dues and assessments, together with interest and late charges thereon, within 30 days after receipt of written notice to pay the same from the association shall be subject to the immediate suspension of all privileges of membership in the association including revocation of building permits; boat and recreational vehicle permits; use of the lake for boating and fishing; and use of any other recreational facilities at the lake; including use of the tennis courts, beach and softball field.

  1. Members who have not paid in full their annual dues and assessments within 90 days from date of invoice will be limited to only one (1) gate card and only allowed access to their property, will not be allowed to use any other common areas of the association, including the lake, nor be allowed to vote on any issue at our annual meeting.
  2. A member who has not paid current dues and assessments within 365 days of May invoice date prior year(s) will have outstanding balance doubled, including interest, lien fee and late charges (Amended 4-29-09)
  3. Former members who previously paid the $5,000 initiation fee and reapply for membership have a grace period of 90 days from date of selling their prior lot to execute a contract with intent to purchase a Lot(s) and be exempt from paying the $5,000 initiation fee. (Amended 02/04/19)

F. A guest who has been evicted by the Board for misconduct shall not, after such eviction, drive any vehicle through the gate, drive upon any Association road, or use Association facilities for the term of such eviction.

G. Members or lot owners who are cited for violations of the Association’s rules and regulations are subject to the following actions: (Amended 9/19/16)

First Violation: Written warning to Member.
Second Violation: Appearance of Member before Board.
Financial Penalty: If member does not comply with Board’s or Committee’s request to abate rule or regulation violation(s) or does not appear before the Board as required for 2 nd violation, member will be assessed a daily monetary fine of up to $100 per calendar day beginning from date when member was issued the written warning until violation(s) is corrected in manner required and approved by Board of Directors.

*The member shall be notified immediately by telephone and in writing the amount of the daily fine and the date such will go into effect.
*The member will be sent an invoice at the end of each month showing the total of the fine to date and any other charges.
*If member does not comply with Board’s request and the violation is not corrected and invoice remains unpaid after 30 calendar days of being fined, the daily fine will be doubled to $200 maximum.

H. All of the outgoing Member’s gate cards that were issued to a lot(s) must be returned to the Lake office or they will be deactivated. (Amended 9/19/16)

I. A deed of conveyance or separate instrument is required to be filed in the Raleigh County Clerk’s Office when driveways or any utilities are placed on another member’s lot and used by another Member, either jointly or separately. (Amended 9/19/16)

J. No one wanting to purchase a fractional share of a lot will be approved for association membership or a member sell a fractional share of a lot to anyone except the contiguous lot owner. (Amended 9/10/07)

K. Every member shall have access to his/her file on his/her property and will also have access to water testing reports.

L. The Membership Committee must have at least two members of such committee meet with and investigate the applicant for membership prior to the review of their membership. If it is impossible for members of such committee to do this, then another member of the Board would fill in for the absent member or members of the Membership Committee.

M. Member is not allowed to rent or lease their residence or lot to anyone. If caught violating this rule, member’s gate cards will be deleted from entry system. (Amended 4/4/11)

N. Member, in their absence, may submit name of immediate family member to the Membership Committee for approval to be allowed to “house sit” for up to 60 days per request. The guest(s) are not allowed to use any of the common areas or facilities unless member is present. (Amended 4/4/11)

O. A current member prior to purchasing another lot is required to complete a “Membership Lot Transfer Application” and submit for review by the Membership Committee. (Amended 4/4/11)

P. Members having a personal event on FTL Association community property for a party of 15 or more non-members must register said event with the association office and make a $500 refundable deposit to cover any cleanup costs required by FTL personnel or cover property damage. Requests are on a first come basis. The member is responsible for the actions of his/her guests while attending this function and agrees to be responsible for any and all accidents and injuries seen or unseen that may occur to his/her guests while on FTLA property or as a result of attending the event.

Q. If a new applicant closes on the purchase of a lot prior to being approved for membership by the Board of Directors, the Association will levy a $5,000 fine against said lot involved, to be paid by buyer or seller within thirty (30) days. (8/6/12)

R. The property owner(s) shown on the deed of a lot owned at Flat Top Lake and Park and not approved as a member is still responsible for the payment of ALL dues and assessments and assessed fines and affiliated late charges, interest and fees as assessed all other members. If not paid in allowed time frame, the Association has the right to file a lien against lot for outstanding debt.

S. Any member in good standing wishing to address the Board of Directors in person at a monthly meeting shall email or mail request and outline subject to be addressed to President at least five (5) days prior to meeting date so Board may be informed of appearance and matter to be discussed. President has option to approve member’s appearance or refer to meet with appropriate committee.

T. No Member or guest shall physically attack an employee of Flat Top Lake Association while said employee is on duty or on Flat Top Lake property. Nor shall a member cause inconvenience, annoyance by using abusive language such as cursing, swearing or profanity or threatening harm to a FTLA employee. (Amended 3/13/2018)

No member, guest or other person shall physically attack a volunteer committee member while that member is on actual committee business to carry out the by-laws, deed restrictions and board policy. (Amended 3/13/18)

Penalty: The individual is liable for a monetary fine of up to $1,000 as levied by Board of Directors after reviewing circumstances of incident and those involved prior to final determination is made. (Amended 3/13/18)

No member, guest or other person shall recklessly cause inconvenience, annoyance or harm to a volunteer committee member while regarding committee business to carry out the rules, by-laws, deed restrictions and board policy. Examples being: using abusive language such as cursing, swearing, or profanity; engaging in threatening harm to this person or his property and hindering or preventing the movement of this person on any Association property. (Amended 3/13/18)

U. Trespassing on FTLA property:
No person being a non-member or non-guest or contract worker shall trespass on private property of a member of FTLA or the common grounds of the Flat Top Lake Association. (Amended 3/13/18)

The person(s) found violating this rule will be advised that they are trespassing on private property will be escorted to the front entrance gate. In the event they refuse to leave, the matter will be referred to the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department for further action by that agency. (Amended 3/13/18)

No member or his family or guests shall use watercraft, vehicles or other equipment that are the property of another member without proper authorization. The violation complaint must be filed by the member whose property has been utilized. (Amended 3/13/18)

No member or his family or guests shall destroy, vandalize, deface or litter property of the Flat Top Lake Association or property of a member of FTLA. (Amended 3/13/18)