Violation of posted FTL 25mph speed limit will result in the following:

  1. First offense – verbal warning and appearance before the B & S Committee or the Board of Directors as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent.
  2. Second offense – a $100 fine will be assessed against the appropriate member.  Note: Members are responsible for their family and guests at all times while on FTLA property.
  3. Third Offense – any offense in excess of second – up to and including appearance before the BOD, fines as deemed appropriate by the BOD up to $500, loss of use of FTLA common grounds and privileges including driving of motorized vehicles on FTLA property beyond the Lake Office, and forfeiture of extra gate cards and use of the remote gate operating system.

Dues and Assessments

Members owing dues and assessments in arrears more than sixty (60) days from the date shown on the statement of dues and assessments shall be assigned a late charge of $100.  Thereafter, interest will accrue at the prime rate plus 1.0% on the entire unpaid balance until paid.  A member who fails to pay all dues and assessments, together with interest and late charges thereon, within 30 days after receipt of written notice to pay the same from FTLA shall be subject to immediate suspension of all privileges of membership including revocation of pending building permits, boat and recreational permits, use of the lake and other recreational common areas including the trail system, tennis courts, ball field, and the beach.

Violation of Rules and Regulations

Members who are cited for violations of FTLA rules and regulations are subject to the following actions:

  1. First Violation:  Written warning to member.
  2. Second Violation:  Appearance before the applicable committee or the BOD.
  3. Financial penalty:  If member does not comply with the BOD or committee request to abate rule and or regulation violation(s) or does not appear before the BOD for second violation, the member may be assessed a daily monetary fine of $100 per calendar day beginning from the date when the member was issued the written warning until the violation(s) is corrected in a manner required and approved by the BOD.
  4. The member shall be notified by phone (if possible) and in writing the amount of the daily fine and the date such will go into effect.
  5. The member will be sent an invoice monthly showing the total fine to date and any other charges.
  6. If the member does not comply with the BOD request and the violation is not corrected and the invoice remains unpaid after thirty (30) calendar of being fined, the daily fine will be doubled to $200 maximum.
  7. If a new membership applicant closes on their property prior to being approved for membership by the board of directors, FTLA will levy a $5,000 fine against the said lot involved, to be paid by the buyer or seller within thirty (30) days.