A. Fish

  1. Minnows can be caught from the lake to use as bait in the lake. (Amended 4/4/05)
  2. All types and forms of fishing except by line and pole are prohibited.
  3. No underwater structure shall be placed in the lake without the consent of the Board of Directors.
  4. No daily limit on trout caught by members, guests are limited to 5 per day. (Amended 03/04/19).
  5. All bass species are catch and release only. (Amended 9/19/16)
  6. Daytime fishing with a member is allowed from boat launch pier along shoreline to the beach pier. At night time, members only are allowed to fish from beach road. Members Only are allowed to fish from spillway across the toe of dam. Parking of vehicles is not allowed on Dam by those fishing from this area. (Amended 08/06/18)
  7. Only the Board of Directors can introduce a new species of water life.
  8. Guests are only allowed to fish on a member’s boat while accompanied by the member or someone having ownership at Flat Top Lake. (12/10/12)

B. Conservation

  1. The following recommendations are made by the Board of Directors:
    1. NO burning of brush within fifty (50) feet of the shoreline,
    2. Limestone rock should be used whenever possible for shoreline development.
    3. FERTILIZER should NOT be used.
    4. Low-phosphate detergents should be used.
    5. Members should plant nut-bearing trees on their individual lots.
    6. State regulations on burning will be observed.
      (Section 20, Article 3-5-6-7 of State regulations).
  2. The planting or seeding of any area of the water line or lake with lily pads, or plants of a similar species, is prohibited.
  3. Members and their immediate family members are allowed to bow hunt for deer during WV Deer Season October 1 thru December 31 in accordance with current WVDNR hunting regulations. (Amended 9/19/16)
    1. Bear, turkey or predator bow hunting is allowed during specified season by members and immediate family members in accordance with current WVDNR hunting regulations. (Amended 4/9/18)
  4. Members who wish to bow hunt, must first sign up at the Lake Office and obtain current copy of hunting rules. (Amended 9/19/16)
  5. Members not having erosion protection in the fronts of their lots are required to place limestone rip-rap on their water-front. (Amended 7/11/05)