Admittance of Members

  • Each member is entitled to receive two gate cards and or transponders per lot free of charge. These are intended for the exclusive of the members and their family or partner.
  • Additional gate cards and transponders may be purchased by a member in good standing. A form must be completed and submitted to initiate the request.  Cards and transponders will be issued after approval and payment is received.  The cost of gate cards and transponders will be established by the Board.
  • Members must promptly report lost or stolen gate cards so that they may be deleted from the system.
  • Gate cards shall be distributed to new members of FTLA following receipt of a copy of the recorded deed for the members property which includes all reservations and restrictions as required by FTLA.
  • Gate cards unaccounted for in periodic inventory reviews will be removed from the system.
  • Members that are not in good standing shall be limited to one gate card and will not have access to the remote gate access system.

Admittance of Guests

  • Members have the responsibility of admitting guests. Members should not ask the Superintendent to admit guests except for emergencies.
  • Guests shall enter by calling the members lot number (procedure described on the keypad) in the left lane on the side of the gate house.
    • Local landline or cell phones (up to two numbers per lot) may be used for remote entry access.
    • It is the members responsibility to provide current phone numbers to FTLA.
    • Guests may also be admitted by the gate attendant (if on duty) with prior notification.

Admittance or Emergency, Utility, and Health Care Services

  • Utility and essential services personnel will be issued gate cards at the discretion of the board when deemed necessary.  Typically, the following may be issued gate cards:
    • Electric, cable, and gas utilities.
    • Fire, rescue, and emergency medical departments.
    • Newspaper delivery.
    • School busses.
    • Trash disposal companies.
    • Public service districts (water and sewer).
    • UPS and FedEx delivery services.
    • Law enforcement agencies.

Admittance of Members Service Personnel

  1. Service personnel may be issued a gate card by a Member completing the application form and payment of the processing fee. Each card will be assigned an expiration date of one year after issuance.
  2. Contractors perform extended projects (house construction, etc.) may be issued a gate card once an application is received and approved, a copy of the business license, and proof of insurance are provided. Contractors access cards must be renewed annually and expire on 31 December each year.
  3. Members may loan service personnel at their own risk. Members are responsible for all violations committed by service personnel that they allow on FTLA property.
  4. The Board has the right to suspend service personnel gate cards for repeated violations of FLTA rules.

Damage to the Security Gate System

  1. Gamage to the security gate system must be reported to the Superintendent as soon as practical.
  2. A minimum penalty of $250 (payment due within 14 days of notification) may be imposed on the responsible member for damages.
  3. The Board may assess penalties (minimum $500) as deemed appropriate for willful damages to the gate security system.